Watch: Husky was seen loving a child, users were surprised

You can do nothing but smile when you see photos of dogs and kids together. A video of a dog loving a baby has become popular on the internet. An Instagram user ‘milperthushki’ posted the viral video. The video has been viewed by over 3.85 lakh people, while it has been liked by 72,215 people.

The video shows an older husky hugging and hugging a sleeping baby on the bed. When his father was raising the children, the dog did not allow the children to be picked up. Despite all his efforts, he could not wake up the sleeping child. Because their dog gently removes his hand. On waking up, the dog licks the children and the child hugs the dog.

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An Instagram account named Milperthushki is used by the Wallman family of Manchester. The family keeps sharing the video photo of Husky. The best relationship in their family is between the child and the dog. He has shared such videos in the past as well.

One user wrote in the comment section, ‘No, the child is sleeping, he should climb on his head somewhere. Another wrote, “They are so happy. Wonderful” Another wrote “My heart just melted”!

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