WeFight raises 10 million to create virtual patient assistant

Provide reliable information to patients via a chatbot, without taking the place of practitioners. This is the mission of the virtual e-health assistant of Wefight, which has developed 15 free dedicated applications in four years, called “Vik”. To finance its growth, the company is raising 10 million euros from two new investors, the German fund Digital Health Ventures and the French fund Impact Partners, as well as from its historical investors, Investir & + and the business angels of the Badge network .

This transaction will allow Wefight to expand its presence in Europe, the United States and Latin America. It will also finance the coverage of a greater number of chronic diseases, and the development of complementary tools such as MedVik, a platform for remote monitoring of the state of health of patients, intended for professionals.

5 million responses per day

Another innovation, predictive algorithms, able to prevent complications and potential relapses, will be developed, depending on the number of questions asked about a particular pathology. “The idea is to move from information to recommendations, by analyzing the data collected from each patient”, reveals Benoît Brouard, hospital pharmacist, co-founder and president of Wefight alongside Pierre Nectoux, an engineer.

Depression, asthma, cancer… Based on artificial intelligence, Vik’s applications provide 5 million automated responses every day, in real time, to patients and give them access to articles, testimonials from other patients, treatment reminders… to better understand their disease. The Wefight teams are not intended to respond to patients themselves. The latter receive automatic responses, scientifically validated beforehand by around fifty expert practitioners and around ten patient associations.

“Vik fills a void, observes Benoît Brouard. We do not pretend to treat patients, but by giving them quality information, we can reduce their anxiety, and they know what to do. The assistant also saves time for hospital practitioners, by avoiding them having to answer simple questions. Wefight, which employs 70 people, plans some 30 recruitments by the end of 2022.


Creation date : 2017

President : Benoît Brouard

Rising : 10 million euros

Effective : 70 people

Sector: E-health

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