Welcome guests with this coolness at Holi, it is very easy to make

Internet desk. Holi festival is coming soon. On this festival, guests arrive at home. Today we are going to make you a recipe for making cold at home. With this coolness you can welcome your guests on Holi. Drinking cold is beneficial for health in the heat of summer.

necessary ingredients:

Milk – one liter
Almond – half cup
Poppy seeds – six teaspoons
Fennel – half cup
Black pepper – two teaspoons,
Green cardamom – five
Black pepper – two teaspoons
Melon seeds – four teaspoons
Melon seeds – four teaspoons
Cucumber seeds – four teaspoons
Sugar – as per taste

First of all melons, melon and cucumber seeds, poppy seeds, almonds, fennel, black pepper and cardamom should be soaked in water overnight.
On the second day in the morning, peel the almonds and grind all the remaining things together with water.
After this, boil the milk and add sugar as needed.
– Now cool it and add two glasses of water to it. After this, put the prepared paste in it through a fine cloth and filter it. After this, your cold will be ready.
-Which can be served after keeping it in the refrigerator for a while.


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