What did Swami Vivekananda think about the independence of the country?

Swami Vivekananda, one of the epoch men of India, is considered a role model for the younger generation. Even after knowing his views on every subject, many intellectuals still discuss him. There is always a discussion on what Swamiji said on such a subject and for what reason. In this, the independence of the country is also a topic on which Swami Vivekananda had some different views. The contribution of Swamiji in the freedom struggle is evident from his thoughts and actions. There is also one thing that Swamiji was the source of inspiration for many freedom fighters from Gandhiji and was engaged in preparing the countrymen throughout his life.

Swamiji was also a true patriot. Being a sanyasi, he was never active in politics. But his ideas greatly influenced the Indian politicians and freedom fighters and inspired them to move ahead on the path of the country. After knowing Swamiji’s thoughts, it is known that he considered every problem of the countrymen as his problem. That is why he also considered slavery as the main problem of the country and the countrymen. By paying attention to his thoughts, it is clear that he always used to strike at the root of the problem of slavery of Indians, the mentality being blunted by the slavery of Indians.

Swamiji used to say that it is most important that if every countryman wakes up, then other problems of the country will be solved automatically. He even said in a letter to his followers on 1 November 1896 that the country would be independent after 50 years. This happened but their concern was that there is a dire need to wake up every citizen of the country, their concern remains even today. Because a large section of the country is affected more by confusing things than by thinking with the mind.


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