What will be the effect of the third wave of Corona on India? AIIMS Director’s Reply

New Delhi: After the first and second wave of corona outbreak in India, now even the third wave has not been predicted. Cases of corona infection are no longer as common as they were before. Vaccination is clearly effective in preventing infection. At this time, we do not need a booster dose of vaccination. Delhi AIIMS Director Dr. Randeep Guleria said this during a program on Tuesday. He believes that as time goes on, the outbreak will become more restricted.

Speaking at the release of the book “Going Viral: Making of Covaccine – The Inside Story” authored by Dr. Balram Bhargava, Dr. Guleria, Director General, ICMR said that there has been a rapid reduction in the cases of corona in the country after vaccination. People were not even forced to be admitted to hospitals. He said that as time goes on, the risk of any kind of corona wave is decreasing.

He said that the third wave of corona epidemic is unlikely to come in India as compared to the first and second. Over time, the epidemic will become localized. Cases of infection will continue to come up among us, but the severity will be very less. On the need for a booster dose of the vaccine, he said that at present there is no increase in such cases. It is clear that the vaccine is still protecting against the coronavirus. Therefore, there is no need for a booster dose or a third dose of the vaccine right now.


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