Whatsapp Tips and Tricks: Run your work comfortably in iPhone/two WhatsApp, if you do not know the trick, then know now

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps. Billions of people around the world use it daily. Meta’s proprietary messaging app allows users to access a range of features from texting to media to video calling and even payments.

  • How to use two WhatsApp accounts on iPhone?
  • iPhone users will be able to use two WhatsApp accounts in this way
  • You must tag your account as business
  • Not allowed to use two WhatsApp accounts on iPhone

iPhones have their limits. In such a situation, users are not allowed to use two WhatsApp accounts on one iPhone. So people who have dual sim support in their iPhone cannot access two WhatsApp accounts in their phone. There is a way to solve this problem. You can use two different WhatsApp accounts with different numbers on the same device. We’ll show you how to use two WhatsApp accounts on the iPhone.

How to use two WhatsApp accounts?

Apple iPhone users can use two WhatsApp accounts using the official business oriented version of the WhatsApp Business app. The app combines all the features of a regular version with other features like auto-reply and catalogue. If you use WhatsApp Business it will need to tag your account as Business.

how to install two whatsapp in iphone

Go to the Apple App Store and download WhatsApp Business. Open WhatsApp if you’re already using the regular WhatsApp app or if you’re already using the WhatsApp Business app.

  1. Click on Install and download the app.
  2. Once you have downloaded the app, you will have two WhatsApp apps on your iPhone. One is the regular and the other is the commercial version.
  3. Now you have to create your own WhatsApp account with an alternate number. which you have just installed. This will allow you to use each WhatsApp app for a different number-account.
  4. Once the number is registered, complete your profile. For which you have to enter name, e-mail id and other information.
  5. Once registered, it will become your secondary WhatsApp account. Then you can use it.


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