Why there was a jump in Coal India Share Price, know the whole situation

new Delhi. There was a sudden jump in the value of the shares of Coal India Limited (CIL), a state-owned coal producer, which made the Indian economy analyze what happened that the shares of Coal India Limited (CIL) Do business with normal gains, he has caught so much momentum.

The reason behind this growth of Coal India Share Price is the growth report announced yesterday by Coal India. State-owned Coal India (CIL) today reported that it produced 64.3 million tonnes of coal in February, nearly 4 per cent higher than the year-ago period.

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Coal India Limited (CIL) had produced 61.9 MT of coal in the same month of the last financial year. In a statement yesterday, the company said that adding to the pace of its production, it produced 64.3 metric tonnes of coal in February. CIL’s production of 542.4 MT during April-February period of FY 2022 has been a historic high for the period. Coal production grew by 27.3 metric tonnes in absolute terms compared to the year-on-year basis. In addition, the Ministry of Coal has received twenty six bids for the auction of eleven coal mines.

All these news gave a good jump in the shares of Coal India yesterday. On BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange), the share price of Coal India rose by 9.61% or Rs 16.20 to reach the level of 184.85 today. At the same time, the share price of Call India on NSE (National Stock Exchange) increased by 8.52% or Rs 14.45 to reach the level of 184. Even now, it is expected that the share price of CIL will jump a little more.

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