Wimbledon: insufficiently recovered from his foot injury, Gaël Monfils announces his withdrawal

After his package at Roland-Garros, the Frenchman is forced to give up the English tournament.

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Already forfeited at Roland-Garros, Gaël Monfils will also miss the London Grand Slam. The Frenchman announced the news on his Twitter account on Thursday June 23. If he explained having started training again this week and feel “really good”, his recovery is not yet fully complete. Monfils is indeed hampered from Monte Carlo by a heel spurs in his right heel which prevented him from moving on the court.

“I will now be able to gradually increase my training and spend more time on the court to get back into shape both physically and tennis-wise. Due to my recent return to training and the physical demands lawn tennis, my team and I have made the decision not to play Wimbledon this year,” wrote “La Monf” on his account.

Gaël Monfils adds that he wants to “focus on [sa] preparation in order to be ready for the summer. I will resume competition in Hamburg, then in Kizbuhel before heading to the United States.” His last appearance on a short date at the Masters 1000 in Madrid in early May, where he lost in the second round to Novak Djokovic.

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