Wine merchants meet the new expectations of wine lovers

Having a good bottle delivered at the last moment or picking up a spirit ordered by click and collect has become commonplace. On Uber Eats or Deliveroo, the wine-related offer is gaining momentum very quickly.

Epicery lists some fifty wine merchants among the local shops whose platform ensures the delivery. A number multiplied by 2.5 between 2019 and 2020, for a turnover ten times greater. And over the first four months of the current year, the sector has already achieved 40% of 2020 sales.

Other entry keys

While wine merchants continue to fully play their role of local commerce, their digitization is increasing. The network Nysa, which has around sixty own stores in the Paris region but also in Lyon and London, has just launched its website.

It deploys on the Web an approach similar to that of its stores with, next to the classic “regions”, an entry key at times such as the fireside, the third half and even the “Vinstagrams”, at labels likely to have an effect on social networks. With deliveries all over France and a formula to receive your bottles in thirty minutes to an hour in Paris.

The Covid has accelerated the desire to order online and generated the expression of new needs », Underlines the founder of Nysa Louis de Montille. ” But customers are still very much in need of contact in the store “, Continues the leader of this company, which opened a dozen stores last year and posted double-digit growth.


The closure of bars and restaurants also gave wine merchants an additional boost. At Nicolas, revenue increases reached up to 30% for the first months of 2021. Consequence of both increased attendance, but also an average basket increased from 30-35 euros to 40 euros. A reflection of the desire to have fun. Even the champagne has taken on color.

Overall, for purchases of wines and beverages, including coffee in particular, CDLK, which aggregates card payments in stores and online, has observed sales increasing gradually since February, to approach an index of 130 at the end of March, after a very big peak at the end of 2020.

More proximity

However, for brands, this is find the right formulas to combine in-store and online sales. Lavinia, whose only Madeleine department store in Paris closed its doors at the beginning of January, will reopen an avenue Victor-Hugo point of sale in the 16th arrondissement in the summer, which is smaller and based on a new approach. In the meantime, customers have access to booming online sales. And a virtual tasting offer, with samples and bottles sent in advance, is proposed.

Purchasing behavior is changing. Customers want more services, proximity, tastings. Our new store will be more intimate », Explains Matthieu Le Priol, General Manager of Lavinia. It will be 200 square meters, compared to 1,500 at the Madeleine, which had a large restaurant area.

Some 1,000 references will be accessible there, to which will be added more than 5,000 others available in click and collect or delivery. A tasting area will welcome winegrowers and distillers. And a terrace will probably complete the device. Once the concept is well established, the goal is to make new openings.

Some departments are growing. At Nicolas, one in three sales concerns organic, natural wines or labels. The group is also developing the Craft Beers & Cie concept, dedicated to craft beer. After two shops in the Paris region, he has just arrived in Lille and Clermont-Ferrand.

Craft Beers

We wanted to offer a rich customer experience with brewing workshops, tasting areas. The type of clientele, which is rather less than 35 years old, is different », Notes Christopher Hermelin, marketing and communication manager for Nicolas. Small corners stamped Craft Beers & Cie should, moreover, soon arrive in stores of the parent company.

Nysa, on the other hand, highlights mescal, this Mexican alcohol made from agave. And on the wine side, there is an emerging curiosity for regions such as the Jura or the Moselle.

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