Wine: My Bacchus raises 2 million to improve its connected tools

“An electrocardiogram capturing the slightest heartbeat of wine. This is how Alexandre Ermenault describes the technology developed by his company, My Bacchus. Founded in Nantes in 2018, it has just finalized a second capital increase of 2 million euros with Demeter Investment Managers, via its VitiRev Innovation fund, followed by Holnest and regional investors, including Atlantique Vendée Innovation, Pays de la Loire Développement, managed by Sodero Gestion, and business angels.

A former employee of a digital services company, Alexandre Ermenault has developed, after three years of R&D, a range of tools under the Onafis brand which make it possible to optimize winemaking processes. For fermentation, My Bacchus offers a continuous temperature and density monitoring tool, which avoids time-consuming measurements, the result of which can be biased.

Energy gain

Then, at the aging stage, the company designed connected bungs, a sort of stopper adaptable to barrels, vats or amphoras. Embedded with seven sensors, they measure dissolved oxygen, temperature, the level of the container to optimize volatility but also microbiological quality, controlling in particular brettanomyces, a family of yeasts which alter the taste of wine. This fine and permanent monitoring makes it possible to limit manipulations, but also inputs during bottling.

The technology also collects external data, including hygrometry, temperature or pressure in order to understand the microclimates of the cellar. This allows, for example, to optimize the use of air conditioning, humidification or the placement of openings.

A project aims to connect these sensors to the automated opening of skylights. “It is through wine that we control the tools”, summarizes Alexandre Ermenault, estimating that this thermoregulation can save “up to 30% energy”.

With this fundraising, the company will improve its products while meeting growing demand. At the beginning of 2022, My Bacchus had around sixty customers and wants to capture 70 more in September, then 500 each year in France while demand is also coming from abroad. To support this growth, ten employees will soon join its team of six people.


Creation date : 2018

President : Alexandre Ermenault

Rising : 2 million euros

Effective : 6 people

Sector: wines

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