World AIDS Vaccine Day 2022: Know what is AIDS and why AIDS Day is celebrated

World AIDS Vaccine Day is observed every year on 18 May. The day is a chance to thank volunteers, community members, health professionals and scientists for working together to find a safe and effective preventive HIV vaccine.

The day is also known as HIV Vaccine Awareness Day with the goal of raising awareness about the importance of HIV vaccination in preventing HIV infection and AIDS. As of now, there is no known vaccine that can be used to stop the flow of this deadly infection.

History and Significance

The day is celebrated on May 18 and is rooted in the speech given by the then US President Bill Clinton in I997. In his speech, he said that a vaccine is the only way to control the spread of HIV and eventually eradicate it. After his speech, the day was celebrated for the first time in May 1998. Every year communities around the world organize various activities on this day to raise awareness about HIV and AIDS vaccines, prevention and to educate people.

what is AIDS?

The full form of AIDS is Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. Acquired means that the condition is acquired that a person becomes infected with the virus.
Immunodeficiency means that the HIV virus affects the immune system of a person.

lack: The person’s immune system becomes weak and cannot function properly.
syndrome It may happen that a person suffering from AIDS may also experience other diseases due to weakness.


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