World Cancer Day-2021: Any cancer around you will suffer…? So don’t just give him courage, give him courage and courage all the time… only then he will be able to say ‘I am and I will’

Internet desk. Today, on Thursday, World Cancer Day is being talked about giving courage and courage to cancer victims all over the world. Cancer prevention measures are being suggested. Usually no one wants a person to suffer from this dreaded disease, but many times our precautions are also lost by it and these diseases enter inside our body. You may have also known world famous cricketer Yuvraj Singh or actress Manisha Koirala, Lisa Ray.

First of all, the person who is struggling with this disease breaks down mentally before becoming physically ill. He always worries every moment that he is moving away from life. Sometimes even after being on the first or second stage, thinking about this disease again and again reduces the hope of its recovery. In such a situation, people struggling with cancer also need mental strength, love and belonging.

The theme of World Cancer Day this year gives a positive outlook towards life. The theme of the Cancer Awareness Campaign this year is ‘I and I will’. That is, I am and I will remain. The theme promotes how a person’s actions can be effective. It shows that every action matters to fight cancer. When we choose to come together, we can achieve what we desire.


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