World Health Day: Today the whole world is celebrating World Health Day… Leave these 10 dirty habits today? Corona virus no disease will even touch you

Lifestyle Desk. Today, on Wednesday, 7 April, people around the world are being motivated and encouraged for good health. Actually today is World Health Day. The whole world is facing an epidemic like Corona, in such a situation, this day is making people aware for good health.

In the last one year, the people of the whole world have understood the importance of hygiene and health. And people have also come to know that we can save ourselves and family from many major diseases by improving some of our habits or by changing the routine. In the last one year, we have given a lot of thought from the health point of view. This is also good but there are still many habits that we have not been able to give up. Today, on World Health Day, we are telling you about the same 10 habits that you have to abandon as soon as possible. Your sacrifice will bring your good health to the fore.

So let’s know on World Health Day today about 10 habits that are good to kill as soon as possible …

1. Touching face repeatedly

A research has revealed that usually we touch our face about 200 times every hour in some or the other excuses. According to UNICEF, we should avoid touching our face, nose, eyes, ears and mouth again and again.

2. Sneezing or coughing on the palm

Whenever coughs or sneezes occur, people usually try to cover the mouth with their palm. Do not do this. If you have to sneeze or cough then cover your face with the elbow instead of the palm. Use tissue paper instead of handkerchief and after a single use, throw it in a dustbin.

3. Do not wash hands with soap

Even at home, it is necessary to clean your hands with soap every few times. According to UNICEF, you should get into the habit of cleaning your hands with soap every 20 to 25 minutes.

4. Do not clean the house

Clean all the surface areas of your house, especially where people keep their hands frequently like doors, shelves, tables, sofa handles, etc. Must be cleaned with soap solution or sanitizer. You should also clean all these things with alcohol based solution.

5. Waking up late at night

Waking up late at night has a very bad effect on your health. If you think that sleep can be accomplished by sleeping in the day instead of night, then it spoils your sleeping pattern. Immunity also makes a difference.

6. Not to disinfect goods from the market

It is very important to disinfect the goods from the market. You can also wipe them with alcohol based solution or liquid detergent.

7. All day long sitting in front of TV and computer

If you are sitting all day, do not do this at all. Get up early in the morning and go to the morning walk. Instead of spending time on video games, play outdoor games with friends. The more active you are, the better your health will be.

8. Brush twice

Since childhood, dentists have been saying that we must brush twice. Actually this is a very important habit. This is not only good for your teeth but is also very important for maintaining your oral hygiene.

9. Wearing outdoor shoes in the house

Whenever someone comes from outside, advise them to remove only twelve shoes of the house. You can have separate chappals for the house. This habit will make your home free from bacteria and viruses and not only corona, but will keep many diseases out of the house.

10. Do not bite the nails

If you want to avoid diseases, it is very important to keep the nails trim. These rules apply to children as well as elders. If you are a woman, then give up the temptation of long nails and make short nails your style symbol.


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