You can eat anything made of gajak, laddu or barfi, sesame, it will control your blood pressure in winter, stay more fit.

Internet desk. Consumption of sesame in winter is not less than consuming any herb. Usually we eat sesame in winter. They also use gajak, sesame laddu and other products. Sesame helps control high blood pressure. A research has also said that the oil found in sesame reduces high blood pressure and does not allow too much weight on the heart, that is, mole is also helpful in curing heart disease.

Sesamein contains an antioxidant called sesamin which prevents cancer cells from growing. Because of its quality, it reduces the possibility of lung cancer, stomach cancer, leukemia, prostate cancer, breast cancer. Apart from this, sesame has many benefits.

This brings benefits

– Sesame is also helpful in maintaining the correct amount of blood in the body.

– To keep hair and skin strong and healthy, consuming sesame daily is considered very beneficial.

-The protein present in the oil fills the entire body with full strength and energy. Metabolism also works well with this.

-Til contains some elements and vitamins that are helpful in reducing stress and depression.

-Til contains many salts such as calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, and selenium which help the heart muscles to function actively.


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